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Content of our website

The contents on our website www.weayou.biz have been carefully researched.

However, we assume no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the contents. We assume no liability for information that we pass on to users from third parties. This also applies to recommending or suggesting providers that we use ourselves. This also does not result in any liability for damages that may arise from this.

Analyses and ideas

Furthermore, all statements, strategies and analyses in each area serve as information and learning purposes.

At no time do they represent an investment or buy recommendation.

The analyses provided (which we make available on telegram or other channels) in the areas of shares, trading and sports betting are not an investment or buy recommendation. They serve exclusively for learning and information purposes.

Risk Information Supplements

The user is hereby expressly advised that trading in securities, CFDs and all other products in the area of shares, trading and sports betting are subject to considerable fluctuations and the associated risks.

Own responsibilty

The user always acts on his own responsibility, at his own risk and at his own risk.

The liability for damages of each user due to the decision of action and investment decision on the part of Weayou UG are excluded. This also applies to physical and mental damages.

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