Gaming addiction prevention

Facts about addiction

There are many sides to addiction. One cannot become addicted only to alcohol, cigarettes and other substances. The subject of money and sports betting is also a very sensitive issue. We as weayou UG want to help people who have lost their control and drive their money unnecessarily and without reason against the wall. Unfortunately you lose more than just money when you get addicted.

- Family and friends suffer

- Your professional life suffers

- Your partnership suffers


How you can protect yourself

In the hope that you are visiting this site just out of interest, read this section to protect yourself from gambling addiction in advance.

- Set a clear risk management policy (if you can't do this, you are already in danger of becoming addicted)

- Have fun and give negative emotions when you lose money no chance by doubling your bet on the next game.

- You don't have to take everything that the analysts suggest with you.

- Set yourself a time limit.

- Go out and enjoy life. (No matter how much fun and success you might have)

Our experts are also exposed to these issues, so if you need help, get it immediately so you don't lose control of your life.

Why sports betting can be addictive

There can be many reasons why sports betting can be addictive. Mostly it is simply the urge to cover up certain feelings or to avoid certain feelings. In principle, the risk of getting addicted to sports betting is just as high as with any other type of addiction.

Here you can get help

Nowadays there are many great places to go when you need help. On the subject of gambling addiction, please click here : Go to help.