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What types of analysis are there and how you can understand and implement them.

Our goal is to make learning and self-implementation as effective as possible. For this reason we do not have a blind "copy and paste" trading system. For this reason we have four types of analysis. Also you will see our direct entrys. With this system we have been able to help many people to understand trading. We are looking forward to your learning success.


Learn how the market behaves and how we can react to it in the future.


Receive our analyses and see which entry and exit opportunities we use.

Market overview

Experts send you analyses of how the market could behave in the future.

Learn/chart ANALYSIS

See past charts for how the market has behaved in certain situations.


Past results are no guarantee anything for the future

Analysis Examples

Weiter unten auf dieser Seite findest du eine Erklärung inklusive Bild und von Texten, wie unsere Analysen aussehen werden. So kannst du sehr schnell die verschiedenen Arten unterscheiden. Entscheide am Ende immer selbst, wie du eine Analyse für deine Unterlagen und eigene Analysen verwenden möchtest.

Time units

Wir arbeiten mit den Kerzenformationen im Chart. Auch hierfür findest du weiter unten Erklärungen in Form von Bildern. Um einen Einstieg zu realisieren achten wir auf Kerzenformationen im M15, H1, H4 und im D1 Chart. (Erklärung zu den Einstiegskriterien findest du unter Punkt 3)

Factors for an entry

As already mentioned in point two, we pay attention to candle formations, among other things. We wait for a so-called signal on the chart in the form of a formation of candles. Further down we show you on pictures some important candle formations. If you still have difficulties with this, please visit the Basics Academy.

Risk Management

One of the most important things in trading is risk management. Again, you can decide for yourself how much risk you want to take per trade. The scale of our experts is as follows. With normal risk, the experts take 0.5% of their capital per trade. With a "low risk" entry, 0.1 to 0.2 % of the capital is used.

Entry and exit possibilities

On the analyses you will also see at which points our experts have their course objectives. They use their classic words like Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL) and Entry. Examples of what the analyses will look like can be seen further down on this page.

Other notes

As already mentioned, we want to train you to become an independent trader. With this method it works best so far. We could help more than 200 people to learn trading profitably with this method in the last years. If you have any questions, please contact our support.

Version 1

Past results are no guarantee anything for the future

Version 2

Past results are no guarantee anything for the future


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